There are basically three Ways of St. James that pass through Tyrol, ultimately heading westwards. Of course, the pilgrims did not always follow these routes. Nowadays, many modern pilgrims also turn down a by-road or take detours of varying lengths. Signposted as the Way of St. James are those paths where buildings, patronal cults, documents, etc. indicate a lively flow of pilgrims over the centuries. Over time the routes had to adapt to political (e.g. war) and geographical events (floods, rockfalls etc.).
I hope that many of those following the Way of St. James are able to find harmony in their own distinctive life. I wish upon those making their way along this path that light is shed on their relationships and that the face of God is perceived more clearly. I pray that the pilgrims get closer to the mystery of God.

Some important information in advance:
Best season: May - October
Path condition: mainly forest and bike paths
Luggage transfer: not offered
Mountain rescue emergency number: 140

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There are basically three Ways of St James that pass through Tyrol, ultimately heading westward. Get detailed information about the routes and tracks.


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